Performance Academy

In addition to classes, exams and concerts, DanceStruck also runs a Performance Academy. This part of the school is dedicated to those who would like more opportunities to perform on stage, in front of an audience. There are two pathways students are able to take: joining the Performance Academy group, which often performs at local events but does not compete. The other is to have private coaching, where students learn a unique solo piece that is performed in competitions.

Being part of the DanceStruck Performance Academy – whether in a group or as a solo performer – is a rewarding experience where students develop skills, discipline and wonderful friendships.

Performance Academy is the stepping stone program to progress into the pre-professional DS Youth Company which does live public dance industry performances throughout Victoria and Australia.

Group Performances
Solos and Private Coaching
DanceStruck is proud to offer students the opportunity to further their dance training through participation in the Performance Academy. These additional group performances are a wonderful way to develop performance and artistry skills as well as take dance technique and ability to the next level.

At DanceStruck we take our commitment to Performance Academy seriously by dedicating considerable time and effort to each piece, in order to provide students an opportunity to enhance capability across different dance styles in a supportive environment. To assist students and parents in making an informed decision about participation in the DanceStruck Performance Academy, we have set out our expectations of team members.


The DanceStruck Performance Academy is a large commitment, and every student (and their family) who choose to accept a position must be ready to commit to the team and the work required. The Performance Academy is similar to a sports team where members depend on one another to be present and work hard. Each student must be physically and mentally present at each class and rehearsal so as to uphold their commitment to the team.


DanceStruck has a minimum attendance requirement of 80 per cent, unless previously discussed and agreed with Miss Catherine. This means that students are required to attend 80 per cent of all classes for which they are enrolled (Performance Academy classes as well as all other classes). We understand that injuries and illnesses do occur, and Miss Catherine is able to advise in these instances.


Students are expected to represent DanceStruck to a high standard at all times, including during class, rehearsals and at performances. As members of the Performance Academy, students are seen as role models for other students and are therefore expected to demonstrate focus, concentration and 100 per cent effort.

Financial Commitment

Performances do require additional financial commitment from families, to cover the cost of costumes, teaching requirements, as well as travel and accommodation when attending a regional venue.

What you can expect from your private lesson

Your lesson is a confidential session that is designed uniquely for your daughter – no discussion on session content is made with other persons other than our Principal Miss Catherine. Your teacher will choreograph and work to bring your daughters talent and strengths to the fore. We do not ‘repeat’ dances and pass them done the line as we believe that your daughter should have dances and routines that are bespoke, and are arranged to highlight and promote a platform for her to hone her stagecraft.

Our focus really is on the development of the dancer as a whole rather than a quick grab for a win, or trophy-type experience. This is a long term vision and pathway that we know will bring much confidence and a personal sense of achievement.


If you are interested in learning more about private coaching, including the costs involved, please contact us here

How do I enter competitions?

Entering of competitions is done by the parents – you can always ask your class teacher in your private time for further advice.

What do I do about costumes?

Costumes for competition solos are design to be tasteful and relevant to the music, theme and choreography (this is not a random flight of fancy!). Our experience in this field can guide you to source a memorable, cost effective outfit that will stand out for all the right reasons!

Costume designs are provided by your private lesson teacher (and approved by Miss Catherine). Costumes are sourced and paid for by parents, our office can assist and/or organise to hire.


Your teacher choreographs exclusively for your daughter’s solos whilst she is an enrolled student at DanceStruck. To protect the integrity of the work (and your daughter’s dance reputation), any other performance opportunities should be recorded with your private lesson teacher.