Exams & Assessments

We can see the enjoyment and confidence that dance offers the dancer in your family! During Terms 1 and 2 our sequential syllabus program content, including creative and artistic studies, are taught in each lesson. This class content builds so that each student can build on foundations and progress to the next level, where a broader and more complex study of dance can be achieved. Like all worthy accolades, recognition and acknowledgement of started is achieved via Exam, Class Award, or Presentation Class.

Committing to and performing in an exam can be daunting, but also incredibly rewarding; exams help us manage and monitor our progress, motivate us to reach new goals, and celebrate our achievements.

Exam entries for 2019 are now closed. Please contact our office for late entries.

RAD: Graded Ballet Exams
RAD: Vocational Ballet Exams
The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet exams are held throughout each year, with vocational sessions being offered in May and October, and the graded syllabus in July. The graded exams focus on ballet, contemporary elements and contemporary dance at an international standard. Our students just love the whole experience as they prepare their settings to be shown by an independent dance professional as they feel well prepared and encouraged throughout their training. The joy that you will see as your child receives acknowledgement for the dance accomplishment they have worked so hard for is priceless!
Vocational ballet exams are in six levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2, and Solo Seal.

These exams build on the elements covered in the graded syllabus, focusing on the performance of ballet to an advanced standard, and is intended for students who wish to pursue a career in dance. Training includes Pointe work.

SFD: Tap & Jazz
Class Awards
The Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) conducts exams in jazz and tap, with both exam sessions being held in July.

Our SFD tap exam is a much sought after accreditation. Our students enjoy the tap syllabus as it builds upon rhythm and percussive skills, and adds different musical and creative styles at each level as it progresses.

The SFD Jazz exam is usually our student’s favourite syllabus as the music is often refreshed to include the ever changing jazz styles including hip hop, lyrical and acrobatic elements. Technique is a major element of jazz exam success and ballet training provides an excellent base for our students to thrive as they progress through jazz levels.

In both tap and jazz there are 10 levels of SFD to complete the training to current dance industry standards.

All students are required to sit an assessment to advance in their dance education. If your child would not like to commit to an RAD or SFD exam, they are welcome to join the Class Awards.

The Class Awards are conducted with their classmates and their class teacher in front of the examiner to achieve independent validation of the standard your dancer has attained. This experience gives a lovely sense of achievement without the pressure of a graded mark.

All students perform their syllabus to an examiner, and on completion will receive a certificate and medal. Class Awards are a great experience for an exam first-timer, giving your child a similar environment to that of an exam.

Teacher Training Courses & Examinations
DanceStruck is proud to have trained over 30 dance industry professionals through student training, class assistant coaching, teacher mentoring and studio development projects. If you or your child would like further information on a possible career, click here
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