Lights Camera Action!

We can see lots of practising in the studio hallways with excited giggles from our little ones as they prepare for the warmth of the spotlight as they step onto the stage. All performing students are being considered for Awards & Scholarships as we always look to further your child’s of dance and training opportunities. These considerations are based on the entire year of classes, exams & performances.

Performance 11th Nov 2018

Three extraordinary shows all uniquely different . Over 1200 costumes, plus props and scenery have been creatively prepared for the dancer in your family – your audience theatre attendance will elevate the experience and we are proud of the performance you will see.

We look forward to sharing with you all our hard work, and can’t wait to get under those bright lights. Please keep an eye out as we release concert run order closer to the date.

R.A.D Ballet Exam Results | Awarded Distinction

Ballet G1: Zoe Kalanis
Ballet G3: Sanuli Gunesekara
Balet G3 : Julia Poon
Ballet G4: Genevieve Windsor
Ballet G5: Michaela Do
Ballet G5: Heidi Robertson-Reid
Ballet G6 – Milly Brain
Ballet G6: Aliyah Stevenson
Ballet G7: Georgia Branthwaite
Ballet G7:- Larissa Denny
Ballet G7: Carla Formoso
Ballet G7: Eden Platcher
Ballet G7: Kamryn Schuhm
Intermediate Foundation : Georgia Branthwaite
Intermediate Foundation : Mia Hayward

SFD Tap & Jazz Exam Results

LEVEL 3 Emily Zhang (Honours with Distinction)
LEVEL 3 Julia Poon (Honours with Distinction)
LEVEL 6 Mia Hayward (Honours with Distinction)
LEVEL 6 Annabelle Windsor (Honours with Distinction)

LEVEL 3 Emily Tran (Honours)
LEVEL 5 Heidi Roberston-Reid (Honours)
LEVEL 6 Alissa Gallo (Honours)
LEVEL 6 Toni Stathopoulos (Honours)
LEVEL 7 Marisia Zapantis (Honours)
LEVEL 7 Kamryn Schruhm (Honours)

LEVEL 3 Ella Cosgrave (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 3 Sanuli Gunasekera (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 3 Rosie Sparshatt (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 4 Olyvia Grosdanis (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 4 Eleni Calyypso Gerostamoulos (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 4 Olyvia Grosdanis (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 5 Michaela Do (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 5 Ruprashri Deshpande (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 5 Jessie Findlay (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 5 Natasha Kalavrouzoitis (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 7 Eden Platcher (Highly Commended)
LEVEL 7 Carla Formoso (Highly Commended)

 Aaliyah Schnelle (Distinction)
LEVEL 1 Zoe Kalanis (Distinction)
LEVEL 1 Zia Dickson (Distinction)
LEVEL 1 Crysanthi Volakakis (Distinction)
LEVEL 2 Alexandra Kalavriouziotis (Distinction)
LEVEL 2 Eloise Lai (Distinction)
LEVEL 2 Natasha Athanasopoulos (Distinction)
LEVEL 2 Layla Hayward (Distinction)
LEVEL 2 Cara Kwong (Distinction)
LEVEL 2 Teri Raouzeos (Distinction)
LEVEL 2 Audrey Buckhurst (Distinction)

Dancer of the Season

We would love to feature your child in our next Dancer of the Season.

Send through a photo and a short summary of your childs’ Dancestruck journey through to office@dancestruck.com

DanceStruck En Pointe Jackets

The first batch of customised DanceStruck jackets are arriving soon!   You can order directly at Energetiks stores or Click here to order for the dancer in your family.

Upcoming Dates

Nov 19-25 VIP Registration Week
Nov 19-25 Bring a Friend Week
Nov  27- Dec 1 Last classes for 2018 | Break Up ‘Dance Party’
Nov 27- Dec 1 Kinder Graduations (in class)
Nov 30 Dance Step Dinner
Jan 26 Back to dance Session
Jan 28 Term 1 starts
Apr 6 Term 1 finishes
April School Holiday Program
Apr 22 Term 2 Starts
May R.A.D. Ballet Pointe Exams
June 9 Mid Year Concert
June 26 DanceStep L1 Graduations
June 27 Term 2 finishes
July School Holiday program
July 15 Term 3 starts
August Exams Dates TBC
Sept 21 Term 3 Finishes
Sept School Holiday program
Oct 7 Term 4 Starts
Oct 26-27 Besen Theatre Rehearsal
November R.A.D. Ballet Pointe Exams
Dec 1 Term 4 finishes