At DanceStruck, we believe every class should be memorable and every dancer should be valued and encouraged. The dance journey can start at any age however a foray into the world of dance for a 3-year-old can further develop not only physical abilities, but also enhance social and cognitive development. We tailor our younger classes to suit a child’s level of understanding. You need to be creative in your approach and lead by example. A child cannot comprehend which muscles are needed, so they need to be shown movements and experience these movements to get a sense of how it feels to interpret it for themselves.

Beverly Spell is the developer of Leap N Learn, a program that understands the progression of movement in young dancers and uses proven theories of child development to attain success. Having personally been trained by Beverly Spell, Ms Catherine has been inspired to integrate a pilot Leap N learn program that has successfully elevated our Early learning Dance programs (ELDP).

We encourage our young dancers to dance with a purpose. Each class has a focal outcome that will build as the year progresses. We are creative in our learning and our teaching; by building a foundation that supports further learning and development in all aspects of our students’ lives. Whether it is to develop gross motor skills, co-ordination, a connection
to music, social interaction, team building, an understanding of space – these are all bonuses in our students’ dance journey.

We believe every little person has something to offer and it is an absolute joy to see them blossom with a new-found belief and growing self-confidence over the years at our studios.

To find out more about taking the first step in a lifelong journey in dance, please visit our website here.