Patience is a wonderful quality and certainly a quality that leads to success when it comes to the beautiful art of ballet. In the day and age of immediate gratification, this is sometimes a difficult concept for children to comprehend. There is certainly something to be said for enjoying the journey.

We encourage and celebrate our students to be the best they can be. We focus on strengths and helping them achieve their goals. Ballet is an art form, there is no shortcut to your achievements. You need a solid foundation of skill and determination to learn and with that, you will flourish. We focus on progressive learning, consistency and fostering key relationships so that our students thrive and feel a real sense of belonging in the studio.

It’s like the old adage of the turtle and the hare; slow and steady really does win the race. We teach our students the importance of appreciating the journey rather than the outcome. Trying to race through steps and levels will only lead to frustration and setbacks and the likelihood of injury is substantial. This process cannot be rushed. It is best to focus on one step at a time and perfect those steps before progressing to the next. The slow build of a ballet foundation will foster a greater appreciation for the achievements and lead to ultimately greater success.

Our classes aim to give our students a sense of pride, appreciation and kinship with their fellow dancers. This supportive environment encourages development and achievement in every step of their ballet journey. Goals are set for each student to excel and it requires focus and yearning to be the best they can be. It is this structure and encouragement that keeps them coming back to the barre and with patience the reward is so much sweeter.

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