There are so many wonderful benefits to the world of dance that continue past the studio doors.

At DanceStruck we like to focus on all-inclusive classes that can support and encourage all of our students to grow; and the advantages are endless.

Improved Physical Health
Movement is the key to learning. Through dance, our students develop spatial awareness, coordination, problem solving and balance.

Persistence, focus.
A regular dance class has a terrific effect on a child’s attention span. All of our students learn to focus on tasks and extend their attention span. They also learn resilience and perseverance to achieve goals.

Through encouragement and celebration of successes, our students continue to grow with confidence. It is a confidence that they can take into their everyday lives with a belief that they can succeed.

Each week our students learn important social skills like; cooperation, understanding, empathy, respect and teamwork. Not only that, each week they connect with a group of kids with similar interests that they can share experiences and lifelong bonds with.

Positive effect on Mental Health
As well as benefits to physical health, dance has fantastic benefits for mental health such as a reduction in stress, fatigue and anxiety. It can also improve energy levels and quality of sleep.

All of these wonderful benefits are happening in all of our classes right now! To experience a uniquely creative program with endless possibilities click here to learn more about our classes.