Contemporary & Lyrical


Contemporary classes so popular as they are the ultimate blend of technique & expression for our students. Each term our module explores a musical/topical reference so that our students can explore the style to develop their own style for future projects. Our contemporary classes encourage technical strength whilst incorporating unique body movements usually with unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction.

Contemporary is an exciting program it draws an emotional response to successfully bring the dance to life. Imagine the scope for your child explore uniqueness within the frame of our Contemporary Dance Program.

Lyrical class starts with a warm-up and progresses into techniques that draw from a classical base but in a very modern and interesting form. Floor work can feature strongly in this class and this requires control and strength to sustain a choreographed ‘moment’. The movements build to intertwine to reflect the music’s lyrics, mood or sentiment.

Lyrical choreography encourages self-expression and it is a wonderful program to develop confidence and stage presence as a Lyrical class encourages each student to use their own unique interpretation.

Progressive Ballet Techniques

DanceStruck is an accredited studio coaching PBT program developed by renowned teacher Marie Walton-Mahon A.R.A.D. Both Miss Melissa Fennell A.R.A.D. & Miss Catherine Fennell A.R.AD. were students of Marie during their own training as young dancers and this wonderful program allows our students a very unique perspective of the PBT Program.

When taken in conjunction with a comprehensive dance training syllabus this class offers students additional muscle memory training to guide them to achieve their absolute best within their own classical ballet studies. This program is offered within our Extension Acceleration Program.

PBT program offers wonderful teaching tools that enhances every ballet dancers training. The use of the Fitball, theraband, Bose and other proven aids really allows the young dancer to activate core muscles group that enable the execution of dance vocabulary with correct m secure and sustainable ability.
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