Ballet classes are conducted in the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (R.A.D.). The R.A.D. syllabus develops technique, strength, confidence and artistry to the highest level.

Your child will thrive within our Ballet program with our progressive learning syllabus that acknowledges and rewards each and every student for their unique and individual dance qualities including; technique, musicality, creativity, expression and confidence.

All our teachers are accredited through the Royal Academy of Dance which delivers a ballet training program with the option to undertake examination at both a recreational and professional level in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Ballet trains the body carefully, developing strength, control, coordination and line. Classes in ballet are available for all ages and beneficial to everyone.


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The ‘Art of Dancing on Air’ Pointe work training is available to those dancers with experience.

Training usually commences in the higher levels and with a developed technique available from our exceptional teachers. All of our pointe students are overseen by the Principal and Vice Principal to ensure the girls are engaging in their pointe studies in a safe and enjoyable manner and are approved by a Sports/Dance Podiatrist before beginning.

Character / Folk Dance

We are pleased to also offer the Khorubushka National Character Program which adds a depth of repertoire to any dancers training.

Character work is valuable to maintain the history and tradition of Classical Ballet. Cultural influences through dance make Character fun and interesting while also bringing a different stronger dance dynamic to their normal artistic repertoire.

Why do ballet with Dancestruck?

We develop grace, poise and coordination

We help improve performance in other activities requiring balance and control

Ballet increases focus, attention to detail and discipline

We also help our students achieve better school performance and an improved work ethic through dance

Our students are nutured to grow as serious dancers

Many of our Teachers were or are full time dancers both internationally and in Australia, who better to teach than those who have been there before!

Ballet Exams

Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) Exams and presentation classes are scheduled early in Term 3 and are held at our studio. Examinations are not compulsory.

Our students are well prepared (we have a 100% pass rate) and it is important to us that this special event be enjoyable and rewarding to each dancer.

Miss Catherine is happy to discuss options for your child as she is also the Vice Chair of the Vic/Tas RAD Panel.

DanceStruck believes in the importance of every student having an attainable goal. Progress is measured either by examination or presentation class. Examinations are open to all students studying the Graded and Vocational Graded syllabi, offering them a challenge to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of the work.

The Royal Academy of Dance examination syllabus has been devised with great care and provides two distinct pathways. The Graded syllabus is for younger children and is great fun to dance. The Vocational Graded syllabus is for boys and girls over the age of 11 who wish to study ballet more seriously, possibly with a view to pursuing a career in dance or dance related subjects.