About Us

“To inspire a sense of self and cultivate a love of the arts throughout a lifetime.”

At DanceStruck, we want each and every student to feel connected to their class. To thoroughly enjoy the confidence of moving and learning and develop an appreciation for the arts.

To achieve this, not only have we’ve ensured all of our teachers are highly qualified and share the same passion for dance as we do, but in our 20 years of operation we’ve emerged as pioneers in childhood dance education, with our Artistic director at the helm of the Royal Academy of Dance’s Victorian and Tasmanian panel.

While we take this responsibility to our community very seriously, we ensure that every class is delivered in light hearted and enjoyable environment. We have fun!

Rest assured our school explores lifelong skills in determination and goal setting in a supportive and collaborative environment from our teachers, parents and administration staff. We embrace cultural influences from throughout the world and are fortunate enough to have this enrich our community and provide a multitude of diverse and unique experiences for every child.

Finally, to elevate our high professional standards and ethics we are fully accredited and registered with Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.), Southern Federation of Dance (S.F.D), AusDance, Acrobatic Arts International, DanceStep Leadership Program and Keep Kids Safe in Dance. We are proud to deliver an exceptional level of dance education to all and look forward to welcoming you to our studio soon.

Lauren Ash

Teisha Cohen

Prianna Ho

Siobhan Judge M.R.A.D M.S.F.D

Hasini Paranawithana M.R.A.D

Ms Catherine Fennell A.R.A.D RTS M.S.F.D


Chairperson of the Royal Academy of Dance (Vic/Tas Panel)

Ms Melissa Fennell A.R.A.D RTS M.S.FD

Artistic Director

Panel Member for the Royal Adademy of Dance (Vic/Tas Panel)

Pip Thompson A.R.A.D

Lara Salembier A.R.A.D

Caitlin Shearn A.R.A.D.

Yvette Smith A.R.A.D

Korryn Malzard

Accounts & Enrolments Manager

Andrea LaFontaine

Examinations, Competitions & Events Co-Ordinator

Lorraine White

Administrative & Customer Care Assistant


Kamryn Schruhm

Anjelica Simatos

Meagan Strickett

Paris Wilson

Marisia Zapantis

Our Staff