Special Events



Holiday Program

 Stay tuned for details of our next Holiday Program in Spring!


2017 Royal Academy of Dance Exams & Class Awards

Our 2017 R.A.D Exams and Class Awards have been held and we are a wonderful success! Candidates are now awaiting the results of their award. Results will be posted to individual candidates within approximately 6 weeks. 


2017 Southern Federation of Dance Exams

Our 2017 Southern Federation of Dance Tap & Jazz Exams have been held and lots of dance memories were created! Award candidates are now eagerly awaiting their results, which will be posted individually to all exam students. 

2017 Internal Assessments

Students who were unable to take the Royal Academy of Dance Class Award / Exam or the Southern Federation of Dance Exams are eligible to complete the DanceStruck internal examinations to present their work and be eligible to progress to the next level of their training. These assessments will be held at the Clayton studio on Saturday 12th August. Be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox for important information and updates.