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Jazz is one of our most popular styles and is energetic and fun!
A good jazz class explodes with energy, with music styles ranging from hip-hop to show tunes, the beat alone will get you moving!

Our teachers are accredited through the Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) and students can choose to take exams, workshops and extra performances.

Our Jazz program features:

• Examination opportunities
• Core stage discipline with emphasis on leaps, turns and floor work
• Often includes barre work and across the floor practice for footwork, turns and jumps
• Annual concert item, showcasing the student's skill

Jazz Exams

Jazz exams are optional and are great for students eager to extend their dancing. Levels are progressive, but older students are able to join at a higher level. Our studio has a 100% pass rate!

Older jazz students who wish to take exams are encouraged to take a ballet class to improve technique, strength and flexibility.

Jazz can help your child:

• Increase focus and attention span, attention to detail and discipline
• Learn musical timing
• Studies have shown tap can help academically, particularly maths and English
• Understand eurhythmics, the art of interpreting rhythm through bodily movements
• Improve balance and control
• Make friends and enjoy team-work